Media Roundup for Friday, March 22.

Some articles worth reading from Canada’s pundits following Minister Flaherty’s presentation yesterday.

Dupuis, John. The Canadian war on public science, basic research, and the free and open exchange of scientific information. Science blogs. *this is not actually an analysis of the budget but is a relevant piece for providing context to the federal government’s agenda, so it is included in the roundup.
Freeman, Sunny. Federal budget 2013: Experts question whether the numbers add up. The Huffington Post.
Harper, Tim. Federal budget 2013: It’s all about balanced books by 2015. The Toronto Star.
Macdonald, David. Austerity through infrastructure cuts. The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.
Nerenberg, Karl. Budget 2013: Smoke, mirrors and very few details.
Owens, Brian. Canada puts commercialization ahead of blue-sky research. Nature.
Pearson, Glen. CIDA’s death leaves a foreign aid skeleton. Huffington Post.
Rabble Staff. Economic inaction plan: Opposition, civil society groups hit out at Budget 2013.
Rae, Bob. Why I’m opposing Canada’s economic (in)action planThe Huffington Post.


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